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Interview with NPR: Boy Band Blues — One Direction, SMAP Reportedly Breaking Up

Today was an exciting day as I brought in to NPR’s studios to be a guest and talk about boy bands! With news that both the U.K.’s One Direction and Japan’s SMAP could be breaking up, NPR reached out to … Continue reading

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My Contributor Pages at Billboard and

This site would be inundated with posts if I included all the work I get to do at Fuse and Billboard each week. Now, I will use this site for news, have my contact information and highlight exciting projects. Currently, … Continue reading

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TVXQ! Q&A: On America, Favorite Artists, Future Touring Plans —

Add MediaThis was another very, very exciting K-pop opportunity as I was the only American outlet given an interview with longstanding K-pop boy band TVXQ! After establishing a relationship with their agency, SM Entertainment, I was given an exclusive interview … Continue reading

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The Saturdays Ink U.S. Album Deal, Plot Reality Show —

When I heard news about one of The U.K.’s biggest girl groups, The Saturdays, coming to the U.S. for a week I decided to investigate and see what I could make happen. The result was a sit-down interview with the … Continue reading

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Wonder Girls Say English Album to ‘Come Out Very Soon!’ —

In this featured interview article for, I talk to one of K-pop’s biggest groups Wonder Girls about their upcoming U.S. debut, their newest single featuring Akon, and what makes them unique for those who may not be familiar with … Continue reading

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Ready To Moondance — Billboard Magazine (Carly Rae Jepsen Feature Article)

I had been observing the popularity of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” track skyrocket following a lip-synch video done by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and friends. While most song fads die down quickly, the song was rising … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Kicks In — Billboard Magazine

A story that caught Billboard’s Music Editor Benjamin Meadows-Ingram was mash-up duo The Jane Doze’s campaign on Kickstarter to get them to SXSW 2012. The group offered really unique incentives for donations which allowed them to earn the money they … Continue reading

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Jason Mraz Fine-Tunes 4th Album for 2012 Release —

In what was a very quick (and unattributed) contribution for Billboard’s inaugural Grammy Voters Guide, I also showed enough knowledge about Jason Mraz’s career that he ended up telling me exclusive news about his upcoming fourth album that was not reported … Continue reading

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Valley Of The Dolls — Billboard Magazine (Pussycat Dolls Feature Article)

When Perez Hilton reported about the supposed new Pussycat Doll line-up, even including a photo, I decided to investigate further. Turns out he was wrong and I got to the bottom of the story with creator Robin Antin. Turns out … Continue reading

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‘Show Me’ the No. 1: Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta Tops Dance Chart —

After reaching No. 1 on the Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Songs Charts, I pitched a feature article on former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta. We spoke about her solo single “Show Me,” her upcoming album Sutta Pop and tracks on it, and her thoughts on … Continue reading

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