Christina Aguilera. Jason Mraz. Rihanna. Carly Rae Jepsen. Girls Aloud. The Pussycat Dolls. 2NE1. The Saturdays. Amerie. The Wanted.

These are the artists I landed exclusive news about—just as an intern. The journey has only become more exciting. It is my determination, friendliness, and passion that makes me rise above to create high quality content and connections for give me skills above other entertainment journalists. I am an extremely fast learner and passionate writer, that no matter what the situation or field, I will succeed for you and your company. I am so excited to further prove myself and inspired by opportunities to do so.

I have proved myself to be asked for my commentary and expert analysis from other news sources like the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Time,Wall Street JournalNBC News, MTV, The Guardian, The Globe and MailThe Record, the Korea Society, LinkTV, Nate News, eFM (radio), KBS (Korea’s largest television station) JTBC (cable Korean television), and Billboard Korea. I am also available to offer expert commentary, analysis, and discussion on entertainment, music, and international music (including K-pop) for your company.

Special skills difficult to find:

  • An expert in K-pop and other international pop scenes who can help make the genre, music, industry, and culture accessible to a Western audience.
  • Help understand and predict music’s success (or lack of success) on the music charts
  • Knowledge about the international music scene (with a big emphasis on British, Korean, Japanese, Latin, Australian, Swedish, and Arab pop)
  • Write in a range of styles from the serious and business-like, to funny and engaging
  • A writer with experience being filmed/recorded for television, radio, print, and online video
  • Strong writing and administrative experience

-Jeff Benjamin

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