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Billboard FuseThis site would be inundated with posts if I included all the work I get to do at Fuse and Billboard each week. Now, I will use this site for news, have my contact information and highlight exciting projects. Currently, I am spending my days as Features Editor at Fuse, as well acting as Billboard’s K-pop columnist.

With that, I am always looking for exciting opportunities and connections to expand my skills. Please keep up and support my weekly writings at Fuse that includes daily news coverage, lists, graphics, quizzes and photo galleries, and planning bigger enterprises and initiatives to help the brand grow. Then check out the column I helped create at Billboard, K-Town, that I manage and write with K-pop chart recaps. I’ll also be contributing to other properties on projects for which I’m very passionate.

Click Here For My Fuse Contributor Page

Click Here For My Billboard Contributor Page

+ K-Town Column

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