Keynote Speech at Global Hallyu Forum 2013

Hallyu Live SquareI was asked to deliver a speech at the Global Hallyu Forum 2013: Hallyu Live! conference in Washington D.C. This annual event seems to grow every year and most notably snagged Wonder Girls member Sun to speak at the 2012 event. This year saw member of Korean girl group Nine Muses speaking via a video Q&A session. I was asked to deliver a speech in “TED Talk” style about K-pop, its international advancement and how and why it got to be such a global force to be reckoned with.

Watch the Speech Here!


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My Contributor Pages at Billboard and

Billboard FuseThis site would be inundated with posts if I included all the work I get to do at Fuse and Billboard each week. Now, I will use this site for news, have my contact information and highlight exciting projects. Currently, I am spending my days as Features Editor at Fuse, as well acting as Billboard’s K-pop columnist.

With that, I am always looking for exciting opportunities and connections to expand my skills. Please keep up and support my weekly writings at Fuse that includes daily news coverage, lists, graphics, quizzes and photo galleries, and planning bigger enterprises and initiatives to help the brand grow. Then check out the column I helped create at Billboard, K-Town, that I manage and write with K-pop chart recaps. I’ll also be contributing to other properties on projects for which I’m very passionate.

Click Here For My Fuse Contributor Page

Click Here For My Billboard Contributor Page

+ K-Town Column

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News: Columnist at!

BillboardSo very excited and proud to announce that I have been asked to be a columnist for the upcoming! The site, along with the magazine and, will be relaunched in January 2013. With this relaunch will be the inclusion of a K-Pop (Korean pop) column titled “K-Town” that I will write and manage! I will cover weekly the genre’s weekly news, K-Pop Hot 100 chart news, and do many features. I plan on making this column THE place for K-pop artists to reach an American audience as well as make K-pop as accessible and relatable of a genre as possible. This will be launch in January 2013 with big exclusive features coming during launch week.

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New Position: Writer at Fuse!

Fuse LogoVery, very, very excited to announce I will be working with Fuse as a staff writer! I will be working with an established team of writers (whose pasts include positions at MTV, Entertainment Weekly, AOL, SPIN) and content creators. In my position I will report and write on daily music news, Fuse TV content, interviews for the site that reaches over one million people. I will also help brainstorm and create larger feature packages  lists, photo galleries, playlists for larger franchise ideas to help the brand grow. I absolutely cannot wait and look forward to proving myself at Fuse.

Visit Now!

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Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton Unveil “Just A Fool” Duet on ‘The Voice’ —

CurrentI am particularly proud of this episode wrap-up piece of “The Voice” episode because of my SEO keyword optimization and data insight predictions. With my title using the artists’ names first and the song title near their names this makes my article the top result when someone searches “Christina Aguilera Blake Shelton Just A Fool,” which they would when searching the song. A very important place to be in, especially for a song just announced as a single for two major artists. As well in my recap, I watched the effect of certain contestants’ performances on iTunes seeing a particularly big response to Amanda Brown’s performance of Grace Potter & The Nocturnal’s “Stars.” In my wrap-up I spoke about this predicting Potter and band may earn their first Billboard Hot 100 appearance as a result. The following week “Stars” debuted on the chart making my data calculations and insight correct.

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BIGBANG in America: Behind the Scenes With the K-Pop Boy Wonders —

GDWhen the extremely popular K-pop male group BIGBANG came to the U.S. for their two concert dates (which soon turned into four concert dates from the tickets selling out so quickly), I worked with their agency to secure an exclusive look at the act. At their concert at the Prudential Center I was given access to observe and talk to the members all details which were seen in my concert review. I also secured an exclusive photo gallery from the show to give a backstage look of the group. Like my experience with their labelmates 2NE1, this was a rare opportunity in the very guarded K-pop world. But I do feel I have proved my understanding of the music and culture that has secured a trust with these companies to give me these amazing opportunities. I’m so thankful and grateful and I hope to continue to spread K-pop for these great artists.

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TVXQ! Q&A: On America, Favorite Artists, Future Touring Plans —

Add MediaTVXQThis was another very, very exciting K-pop opportunity as I was the only American outlet given an interview with longstanding K-pop boy band TVXQ! After establishing a relationship with their agency, SM Entertainment, I was given an exclusive interview with the boys where they answered my questions. This was another amazing opportunity for both myself (a Q&A with an untouchable K-pop act) and TVXQ! (the exposure to millions of potential American fans and YouTube viewers). I found out SM Entertainment specifically asked about me at Billboard and I am so happy that I am becoming recognized as a resource and ally to K-pop agencies and their artists.

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