Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton Unveil “Just A Fool” Duet on ‘The Voice’ —

CurrentI am particularly proud of this episode wrap-up piece of “The Voice” episode because of my SEO keyword optimization and data insight predictions. With my title using the artists’ names first and the song title near their names this makes my article the top result when someone searches “Christina Aguilera Blake Shelton Just A Fool,” which they would when searching the song. A very important place to be in, especially for a song just announced as a single for two major artists. As well in my recap, I watched the effect of certain contestants’ performances on iTunes seeing a particularly big response to Amanda Brown’s performance of Grace Potter & The Nocturnal’s “Stars.” In my wrap-up I spoke about this predicting Potter and band may earn their first Billboard Hot 100 appearance as a result. The following week “Stars” debuted on the chart making my data calculations and insight correct.

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